Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've Been Tagged by Kristie

Well, it looks like certain bloggers in the family love to tag (make you answer questions) and Kriste tagged me after being tagged by Jenn. So here goes.

Best thing you cooked last week.

Well, last week was a week where I was by myself for most of the week, with Jodi going to Utah for her uncle's funeral and then going to the cabin with some quilting friends for a quilting retreat. So I did do some cooking for myself. I think the barbequed hamburger was the best, but the the grilled cheese sandwich with soup was pretty good also.

If money and babysitting were no object, where would you go and with who?

Ha. Ha. Well, babysitting is not an object! Money is a different story. We could probably afford to go almost anywhere, but living with a person who loves to scrimp, that would not happen. I would really enjoy going to Belgium and France where I went on my mission. I would take the whole family, parents, kids, grandkids and any close friends.

Five things you were doing ten years ago

You really expect me to remember ten years ago!!! I have a hard time remembering last week. (See cooking above) Let's see ten years ago...I was on the High Council and was over the Young Women and Young Men. I was involved in the Boy Scouts, still working in the Fire Department in Fallbrook, and enjoying life. At that time I only had two grandchildren (11th on the way now).

Five thing on your to do list.

1. Cruise Hawaii
2. Cruise the Panama Canal
3. Retire
4. Finish Jodi's Honey Do List
5. Enjoy Family

Five Favorite Snacks.
1. Kirkland Trail Mix
2. Granola bars, any flavor
3. Anything sweet
4. Crackers and cream cheese
5. Fruit

Probably in that order.

Five bad habits.
1. Procrastination
2. Puffing or blowing when I sleep (That one is for Jodi)
3. Watching TV
4. Procrastination (Includes not writing down what I need to remember, especially in a journal)
5. Not spending enough time on important things

Five Favorite Foods.
1. Beef (Nothing better than a good prime rib, rib eye steak, filet mignon, T-bone, etc.)
2. Lasagna with sausage
3. Big breakfast (Eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes)
4. Good Chinese buffet or just good Chinese food
5. Pies (Coconut cream, banana cream, blueberry, strawberry, dutch apple, cherry, pumpkin with lots of whipped cream, etc.)

Top five places you've been.
1. Tahiti
2. Belgium and France
3. Hawaii
4. Alaska
5. Utah

Five favorite memories.
Here we go with the memory thing again.

1. Going on a mission to Belgium and France.
2. Proposing to Jodi on Christmas eve 1969 while parked in front of my Mom and Dad's house (Jodi says it was in front of her mom and dad's house) Memory thing
3. Eternal marriage to Jodi in the Los Angeles Temple
4. Each birth of our kids, Katherine, Jeff, Gavin and Kristie.
5. Each birth of the grandkids. (Looking forward to #11 in January when Kristie has her second.)

Favorite memory

Almost forgot, I tag Jeff and Eric. Lets see what they can come up with for posting on their wives' blogs.


The Metler Family said...

I can't believe you did it! Yea!! I'll see what I can do about getting Eric to answer...that should be interesting!!

Jenn said...

wow-- nice job! I'm ready when you are to go to France!! See you Saturday.

Jenn said...

P.S. 11 grandkids?? Wow- that's kindof an odd number. How about we make it 12?? hehehe (you have my permission to tell Jodi, or wait till Saturday and the kids can tell her!)

The Metler Family said...